on Feb. 9 released a new version of its Kindle electronic-book reader, but the slimmer and lighter upgrade of the original is drawing criticism from some Kindle users, InformationWeek reports. Rather than make any dramatic changes, Amazon has tweaked the original book-sized Kindle. The new version is a third of an inch thick, weighs about 10 ounces, gets more battery life, and has an improved display. In addition, Amazon has added more storage and has made the device faster. The price, however, remains the same: $359. "Plain and simple, waaayyyy too much money for a book reader," one person wrote on Amazon’s customer discussion group. "I could buy a mountain of paperbacks for the price of this thing. Just like the first Kindle, I’ll pass." People who bought the first Kindle agreed that the device was pricey, but among their major complaints of the new version was the lack of a content management system that would allow them to put files in folders to better organize their books, magazine and newspaper articles, and other content. Other complaints included no external storage card that ships with the device, no free cover, and no discount for Kindle 1 users who upgrade. In addition, customers were disappointed that Amazon didn’t make design changes to make use of the navigation buttons easier and increase the size of the screen, which remains 6 inches diagonally. Nevertheless, the convenience of an eBook reader overrode the shortcomings for some users. "Even though the design is poor, having one is still way better than traveling with real books," a customer wrote…

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