For University of Kentucky graduate students, a supportive group of peers may be as close as the internet, reports the university: The UK Graduate School is one of the first members of GradShare, a social networking community for graduate students. GradShare allows graduate students across the country to interact with each other: asking questions, crowd-sourcing advice, and seeking support from their peers. Participants share tips about everything from research, to teaching, to how to live on a graduate student stipend (one answer: "Never pass up free food!"). The web site also features articles by veteran academics and administrators, who offer advice on academic work as well as on maintaining a healthy approach to work-life stress while in graduate school. UK is one of nine institutions that joined GradShare when it debuted in October 2008 as a beta service. Others include Georgetown University and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. As a member institution, UK can upload content specific to UK students, who select their college and area of study to receive customized information. The site, a service of information resource company ProQuest, is free to universities and their students…

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