The Rutgers University Student Assembly voted to reinforce a university-wide mandate to better inform students of course expectations when choosing semester classes, reports the Daily Targum, the campus newspaper. Originally passed in October 2006 by the University Senate, the mandate asks all departments to post current or past course syllabi online as students schedule courses. But only 44 of the university’s 139 departments have posted links for many of their offered classes, according to the resolution. Supporters of the resolution said it’s the best way for students to see in advance what the course requirements are, and they add it should reduce the number of classes added and dropped during the first week of the semester. But some students fear enrollment might drop for classes that look too challenging. The next step in implementing the resolution is for an eMail message to be sent to all academic departments, asking them to post current, old, or rough draft syllabi on their web sites, said Payal Patel, RUSA Academic Affairs chair, who authored the resolution. Patel said by the fall 2009 semester, most or all departments should have these direct links available…

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