Mac OS X makes the grade in new computer science course

In a sign that Apple’s Mac OS X operating system has gone truly mainstream, computer-science programs like that at the University of Utah have announced classes focused on administering the operating system, reports CNET blogger Matt Asay. "While a quick scan of Harvard’s and Stanford’s computer science courses don’t reveal any Mac OS X-centric courses, and a quick Google search doesn’t reveal much more, it’s possible that the University of Utah, which has several OS X classes, is the vanguard for OS X’s classroom uptake, and a clear signal of OS X enterprise adoption," Asay writes. "Universities tend to follow general industry trends; they have to if they want to serve their customers. If the University of Utah is offering OS X administration courses, it’s because there’s a market for the classes–a market that is being fed by increasing enterprise adoption of the Mac…"

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