More than $270,000 for 25 school districts

HP plans to award approximately 25 grants to public or qualified private school districts Each grant is valued at more than $270,000 in HP technology, cash, and professional development to support innovations in the following areas:
Leadership Capacity — creating a network of school administrators and key teachers who implement innovative approaches to curriculum, instruction, and the use of technology to enhance math/science learning;
Digital Learning Environments — using technology to fundamentally redesign the learning experience in ways that lead to increased student engagement and academic success; can include innovations in online learning, virtual worlds, gaming for learning, and simulations;
The Secondary Student Design & Research Experience — making math and science real and relevant by involving secondary students in design and research challenges that address real needs in society; can include local and/or global service learning;
High-Tech Career Awareness — engaging administrators, teachers, and students in ways that increase awareness and interest in high-tech college degree programs and careers.