Virtual Worlds Almanac is a handy guide to exploring virtual worlds

The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) recently unveiled a wiki called the Virtual Worlds Almanac, an online catalog of virtual-world environments that allows users to edit and contribute information. Educators and students can refer to the site for information about a host of virtual environments, including Second Life, as well as education-specific virtual worlds such as Whyville. "We hope this will make it easier for the community to collaborate and to keep abreast of innovations and new product offerings," said FAS President Henry Kelly in a press release. "FAS is interested in the potential virtual worlds offer for education and learning." As of press time, the site contained information on 86 different virtual-world environments. Users can find virtual worlds that match their interests by searching according to criteria such as intended audience (children, pre-teens, teens, adults), purpose (community, education, gaming, marketing, professional), language, platform, name, or relevant features.