New web site connects K-12, higher-education communities

Achieve, an organization created by the nation’s governors and business leaders to ensure that students graduate from high school prepared for college and careers, has launched “Postsecondary Connection,” a new online toolkit to help higher-education leaders effectively engage with the K-12 community to ensure that high school graduates enter college ready for success. “The only way to ensure that high school graduates are prepared to succeed in college is if the K-12 and higher-education communities work together,” said Nevin Brown, director of Achieve’s Postsecondary Initiative. “With Postsecondary Connection, we have developed an online resource to give higher-education leaders the tools and support they need to connect with their K-12 counterparts and get the job done.” The site features tools, data, and strategies that postsecondary leaders can use to sell the link between high school and postsecondary achievement, as well as information on policy efforts that can help smooth students’ transition from high school to college. “Our ultimate goal is to be sure all students have the college-ready knowledge and skills they need to be successful in a changing economy,” added Brown. “Postsecondary Connection offers higher education leaders one more resource to make that goal a reality.”