In yet another sign of how the internet can help launch careers and make stars out of anyone with a digital video recorder and a little know-how, one of the short films being shown to industry insiders at this year’s Sundance Film Festival is the winner of a YouTube contest called Project:Direct, CNET reports. Four months ago, Blake Edwards and Erin Fede met as new cubicle mates at a Charlotte, N.C.-based religious TV network. Today, they’re at the Sundance Film Festival with a short film Edwards directed and Fede wrote and acted in, as winners of a short film competition–now in its second year–in which the prize is a trip to Sundance. The contest this year called upon filmmakers to create shorts that in some way incorporate two props that represent the most memorable films in the Sundance Film Festival’s 25 years. A panel of Sundance programmers narrowed down the selection to 10, and then it was up to the YouTube community to choose the winners. Edwards and Fede’s Perfecto! was the grand prize winner, for which they got $2,500 and a five-day stay in Park City. Their film, which is about an international spy who finds love with a down-home country girl, is also screening at an official festival party for short filmmakers. Second place and $2,500 went to Ben Goldenberg and Jason Gossbee, of Toronto, for their film White Collar Criminals. Third place and $1,000 went to Avery Auer of Santa Monica, Calif., for her film, Good Deeds and the Damage Done. DVDs of all three films are being distributed to industry executives…

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