Free digital resources aim to capture students interest in science

The Siemens Foundation and Discovery Education have unveiled a new web site that aims to engage students in science education. “Siemens Science Day” provides standards-based videos and hands-on activities for earth, life, and physical science that can help educators turn fourth through sixth graders into aspiring scientists, the two organizations say. “Educators are often challenged to find new ways within their existing curriculum to interest students in science education,” said Dale Fulton, Discovery Education’s senior vice president of curriculum development. “Siemens Science Day provides many new and creative ways to present lessons on a variety of science topics, all tied to national science standards. In addition, each activity invites student involvement, engaging students in the learning process.” Each activity on the web site includes step-by-step directions for in-class use, a materials list, at-home extensions that promote learning beyond the classroom, and related video clips. More activities will be added to the web site in the coming months, its organizers say—creating a rich database of science experiments and demonstrations that help students learn by doing.