The top 10 ed-tech stories of 2008

A new web site peddles campus gossip, raising the ire of college administrators … A groundbreaking cyber-bullying trial ends with a mixed verdict … U.S. students benefit from a program designed to bring low-cost laptops to kids in developing nations: These are among the many noteworthy developments affecting educational technology in the past year.

In this special retrospective, the editors of eSchool News highlight what we think are the 10 most significant ed-tech stories of 2008.

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10. Students use cell-phone cameras to send and receive inappropriate photos.

9. JuicyCampus leaves a nasty stain on campus relationships.

8. ‘Botnet’ attacks put school computers under hackers’ control.

7. The power of online video is a force for good–and bad.

6. A landmark cyber-bullying case inspires new laws–and raises awareness of a growing problem.

5. The RIAA scores huge wins … and then alters its strategy to combat illegal file sharing on campus.

4. U.S. students get low-cost laptops aimed at children in developing nations.

3. Broadband policies spark debate as the U.S. slips farther behind.

2. Rising costs, and a tanking economy, hammer schools–forcing several key changes in behavior.

1. President-elect Barack Obama’s historic victory signals a shift in federal ed-tech policy.