A technology instructor’s mishap with pop-up pornography in front of a roomful of teachers made PC World’s list of 10 most embarrassing tech-related moments. Karen, a technology instructor in Texas, was showing teachers how easy it was to get onto the Apple Learning Interchange. She writes: "My computer desktop was being projected up on a 5-by-5-foot screen. I started typing the Apple web address in my browser. Unfortunately, I mistyped one little letter–and suddenly there appeared lots and lots of mad, male porn on the screen. The faster I closed the boxes, the faster new ones appeared. My co-presenter was laughing too hard to help me." After a few seconds (which she says seemed like a few years), Karen managed to turn off the projector. Fortunately, the audience was amused. To avoid having this happen to you, PC World suggests bookmarking the URLs you need before you get up in front of a crowd. In another item on the publication’s list, a college presenter went to the bathroom after his speaking engagement–and forgot to take off his wireless microphone, which was still broadcasting live through the PA system in the lecture hall…

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