Facebook ‘pokes’ can be used for court notification

Facebook grew to more than 100 million users by providing a way for friends and family to keep in touch with one another, reports CNET. But few, if any, probably expected that their Facebook accounts offer lawyers a handy new way to tell them that they’ve been sued.
It’s already happened in Australia, where a court recently allowed a lawyer for a mortgage lender to use Facebook as a method of serving legal documents. The purpose of the suit: to let a couple know that they’re about to lose their home through foreclosure after defaulting on a loan.
United States judges also have the leeway to authorize serving legal documents through Facebook, legal experts said on Tuesday. (Look for the IRS and state tax collectors to follow suit.)
"I don’t see why in the proper case a judge wouldn’t authorize it, as long as it was reasonably calculated to reach the defendant," said Rory Ryan, a law professor at Baylor Law School in Texas and contributor to the civil procedure blog…

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