Teachers score triple play with new PolyVision whiteboard

The eno™ three-in-one whiteboard brings learning to life with dry-erase, magnetic and interactive performance.  
With no cords, no cables, no costly installation, eno by PolyVision is in a class by itself.
First, eno is a virtually indestructible dry-erase workhorse built with 50 years of classroom experience. Second, eno is a magnetic ceramicsteel surface with Cradle to Cradlesm environmental certification. Third, eno is a technological breakthrough: true interactive performance that requires no hard connections to power or data, no special training for teachers or students. After super-simple installation, teachers can be up and running in 60 minutes or less, move from traditional to interactive instruction in hours, and proceed with confidence in days.
Professional development is available, but not required.
While eno by PolyVision works with any software, it ships with RM Easiteach®, a family of content-rich teaching tools designed for interactive whiteboards. With toolbars for math, science, language arts and geography, teachers can easily merge existing, successful lesson plans with interactive methods. Students can practice math facts, learn vocabulary and master science principles…all while having highly educational fun.
With eno and Easiteach, teachers can have their lesson plans and interactivity too.