Several Utah schools are using a new web site created by a Provo teacher, called, to publish their own books, reports the Salt Lake Tribune. More than 200 Utah schools now use the web site, which allows students to create and then print out their own books either on loose paper for free or as soft- or hard-cover books for a fee, said Chris Wilcox, the company’s founder. Wilcox, a fifth-grade teacher at Provo’s Lakeview Elementary School, said he decided to create the site after attending an online book publishing presentation a couple years ago. He saw the potential online book publishing had to motivate students, but the prices some companies quoted were too high for practical classroom use, he said. Wilcox’s idea was to create a site that could be used to help teach writing in the classroom. "[Kids] want to see a finished product," Wilcox said. Wilcox talked the idea over with his brother, Brad Wilcox, a literacy consultant, author, and associate professor of teacher education at Brigham Young University, and the brothers agreed it was an idea worth trying. Wilcox decided to take a one-year leave from teaching and got his entire family, most of whom are also educators, involved in the site’s creation. The site launched in January, and it really started to take off this summer, Wilcox said…

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