A survey of more than 200 Kansas State University students, mostly freshmen, indicates 54 percent of them believe cyber bullying is a problem at the university, reports the Topeka Capital-Journal. Although 92 percent said they had never participated in cyber bullying this school year, 13 percent reported one or more of their friends had engaged in cyber bullying. Ten percent of the students said they had been targets of cyber bullies this school year, and 18 percent reported their friends had been targets. "I don’t think we ignore that," Elaine Johannes, assistant professor of family studies and human service at K-State, said of bullying on campus. Johannes said the online bullying survey was completed by 216 of the 406 students enrolled this fall in the University Experience classes taught by Judy Lynch, director of the Academic Assistance Center. The course is designed for new students at K-State. Students could complete the 24-question, anonymous survey from Nov. 7 to 17 to receive extra credit in the class and a chance to win $25. Johannes said she was interested in how freshmen at K-State viewed bullying. She especially was interested in the students’ perspectives on cyber bullying, which is difficult to assess because of varying definitions. "It’s such a new phenomena. When do we say it’s normal or of concern?" she said. Johannes said 52 percent of the respondents said K-State leaders should provide information about cyber bullying to students. Lynch said she was pleased that more than a third of the respondents indicated they would report bullying incidents–both face-to-face and cyber bullying–to authorities on campus…

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