Three weeks after its emergency notification system failed to deliver messages to students, Virginia Tech ran a test of the system and said it apparently worked well, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch. More than 35,000 subscribers to the VT Alerts system appear to have received a test message sent Dec. 8 via text messaging, eMail, and telephone, said Tech spokesman Mark Owczarski. However, in what Owczarski called a minor glitch, the voice synthesizer that left voice mail messages translated VT Alerts into "Vermont Alerts." "We’d call this afternoon’s test a success," he said, cautioning that the test results are being analyzed. Tech conducted the test in hopes of rebuilding its confidence in the VT Alerts system run by 3n Global, a Glendale, Calif., company, after an incident last month in which messages were sent out but not received. (See "Questions abound as emergency alert flops.") Tech pays 3n $35,000 annually to operate the system, which was built after the April 16, 2007, campus shootings of 27 students and five teachers…

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