In the age of blogs and MySpace, college radio might seem an anachronism, an analog remnant in a digital world. But instead of clashing with the internet, the 700 or so college stations around North America have persevered alongside it, reports the New York Times. And thanks to the continued passion of their personnel, the stations remain surprisingly successful at promotion, according to many in the music industry, playing a bigger part in breaking new acts than is usually acknowledged. "College radio is still tremendously important," said Kris Chen, an executive at XL Recordings, whose artists include Vampire Weekend and Devendra Banhart. "And as college radio reaches farther now because of the internet, its usefulness has increased and adapted." In many cases, the DJs are bloggers themselves. Blair Neal, the 23-year-old music director for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s station, WRPI, contributes to a station blog. "I love being the first person to hear about something and toss the album to a bunch of friends to see what they think," he said in the station’s bare auxiliary studio, where local bands are recorded weekly…

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