Young professionals and recent graduates have struggled to find work in a sliding economy, but Silicon Valley has been relatively immune … until now, Reuters reports. Silicon Valley companies that initially resisted the swooning of the economy are looking to cut costs and shed entry-level positions, and people in their 20s are finding a college degree is no longer their golden ticket to a dream job in high tech. "I feel like I put in all the work [in school] to not have a job," said Jillian Crawford, 25, who’s been looking for a marketing job with a tech company since she graduated with honors from San Jose State University in June. Crawford has applied to about 25 marketing jobs without receiving much of a response from employers. She remains committed to finding a job in Silicon Valley–but that might not be easy. Silicon Valley has been hit hard by the global economic crisis as tech companies have shed 140,000 jobs in the last few months, according to Challenger, Gray and Christmas, a consulting group. Instead, employers are putting an increased value on experience and tenure, something recent graduates lack. And many companies are moving seasoned employees around to fill open positions rather than add another person to the payroll. "Things out there are very, very tough right now and seem to be getting tougher before they’re getting better–even for the educated," said Kerry Kiley, Bay Area regional manager for employment firm Adecco. Only engineers buck the trend…

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