Technology can save on document production costs

As printing, copying, and faxing equipment have converged, recent advances in software technology make possible a sophisticated analysis that can save organizations thousands of dollars in document production costs, reports the South Bend Tribune. Advanced Imaging Solutions, based in South Bend, Ind., is now an Elite Partner with Hewlett Packard, becoming one of about 140 HP Elite Partners in the United States that provide managed print services. "We provide print devices and related software processes that help manage documents, both electronic and hard copy," says CEO Steve Klatt. Software installed on the customer’s network keeps detailed track of print jobs at each station and eMails a report to Advanced Imaging Solutions, a first step in eliminating waste. Klatt says a survey at one middle school turned up 45 print devices that school officials had lost track of. Also, older printers operate much less efficiently than newer models and require expensive toner cartridges. The ease of copying in color also generates overlooked expenses. In one case, a school was copying a four-page handout in color twice a month for 750 students to take home. The cost per page was 18 cents. "It was a lot of money," Klatt says. "They were buying the supplies out of the supplies budget. We help the customers get their arms around real costs. Our value proposition is that we help find the money that’s being wasted in other areas."

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