The University of North Texas (UNT) has invested in a new data storage solution that it says has reduced its cost per terabyte of storage from $17,500 to $8,400, reports CIO Today. State-of-the-art technology offerings, including podcasts, on-demand services, and video lectures, offer a unique appeal to UNT’s 33,000 students. While those efforts have helped set UNT apart from other universities, rapidly growing storage demands and an aging existing storage area network (SAN) were limiting its IT efficiency and the performance of applications that support students, faculty, and staff. The aging 30-terabyte storage network did not provide the visibility tools needed for accurate capacity planning. "Simple changes in the legacy systems took many times longer to complete than they do on our updated storage network and were in no way as intuitive as they are in the current interface," says Maurice Leatherbury, associate vice president for computing. "Storage purchases and upkeep were placing pressure on the annual IT budget." In the search for a new solution, UNT went through an extensive cost-of-ownership analysis of the competing vendors, and Compellent came out the clear winner. The IT team selected the Compellent Storage Center SAN and implemented nearly 50 terabytes of virtualized storage in two tiers–and UNT officials have calculated initial hardware savings of $1 million, plus $500,000 in operating expenses annually for two years…

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