Lessons from an iPod? A video quiz on the Bill of Rights, with questions posed by rapping teachers? Online discussions of class lessons spontaneously popping up at night? Creative uses of technology are becoming the norm in Michigan’s Southgate Community Schools, reports the Detroit Free Press, where a new computer-assisted teaching system hasn’t replaced regular instruction — but its ease of use has increased teachers’ reliance on the technology. For teachers, the program, called Study Wiz Spark, offers preloaded activities that include discussion threads, video and audio clips, games, tests, homework, and more. Students can log in and access everything their teachers provide, whether they are at school or not. And parents can check their child’s lessons and grades. "The No. 1 thing we hear from teachers who use it, is that when they run the usage reports, it’s amazing," said Wendy Nowak, technology integrator. While teachers could do many of the online lessons without a special program, the technology puts the many uses of classroom computers in one place, making it easier and faster for teachers to access…

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