In tests for Tom Farber’s high school class, students can demonstrate their mastery of calculus — and also find out where to get braces or even a haircut: Squeezed by classroom budget cuts, the Rancho Bernardo, Calif., teacher is selling ads on his exams to cover the costs of printing them, reports CNN. Parents and administrators have praised Farber for his creative classroom funding, but he doesn’t want it to become the norm. Instead, he says, the government must do more to help educators provide what students need. Farber started letting parents and local businesses sponsor tests this fall after learning budget cuts would limit his in-school printing allowance–tracked by the school’s copy machines–to $316 for the year. The cost of printing quizzes and tests for his 167 students will easily be more than $500, he said. That meant Farber, whose courses prepare students for the Advanced Placement exam, would have to give fewer or shorter tests, or find money. Farber, who says 90 percent of his students got a 5 on AP exams last year, said skimping wasn’t an option. "It has to be a certain quality, or they won’t be ready," he said. So Farber pitched the ad idea to parents at a September back-to-school night. For checks made to the math department–$10 a quiz, $20 a test, or $30 for a final exam–they could insert an inspirational quote or a business advertisement at the bottom of the first page. Farber said he’s collected more than $300, and he believes he’ll top $1,000, with some ad buyers paying more than required. All amounts beyond his shortfall will cover colleagues’ printing costs, he said…

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