I know what you did last summer. And last year. And last night.

Thanksgiving weekend brought hundreds of high school reunions across Massachusetts, but thanks to social networking web sites and the almighty Google, there likely were few surprises, reports the Boston Globe: Not only are high school reunion organizers using the web to find one another, but most people have an online presence that gives away their place in life, marital status, and career highlights. Reunion guests already know who got pregnant, who got divorced, and what happened to the captain of the football team.
"The surprise is gone," says Randy Leaver, who owns Alumniclass.com, a web site that helps people find their classmates and trade personal information online. When landscape architect Rachel Kisker went to her 10-year high school reunion in 1998, she got a few good surprises. Sure, she had kept in touch with her close friends over the years, but back then she was in the dark about what most of her Scituate High School classmates had been doing during the decade since graduation. Now Kisker is preparing for her 20th reunion. This time, she knows just about everything about everybody. Thanks to the internet, she knows where people live. She knows where they work. She knows what their spouses and children look like. She knows, in some cases, how they’ve spent their afternoons. On Facebook, former classmates who haven’t been in touch with Kisker since the last reunion update their profiles to tell the world they’re reading to their kids, gardening, or doing mundane grocery shopping. "Some people put up very extensive explanations of their jobs, where they live, what their interests are," said Kisker, 38. Not only does Scituate’s class of 1988 have a Facebook page, but it also has a public Evite, where people have left personal comments, as well as a reunion web site where people have logged in requests for the DJ…

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