If a Lenovo laptop is lost or stolen, now there is a new way to remotely shut it down, reports PC World: Just text it. Lenovo plans to announce on Nov. 25 the Constant Secure Remote Disable service, allowing users to remotely disable a PC by sending a text message. Users also receive a confirmation text message that validates the disabling of a PC. "You steal my PC and … if I can deliver a signal to that PC that turns it off, hey, I’m good now," said Stacy Cannady, product manager of security at Lenovo. A user can send a text message–also called the kill command–from a specified cell-phone number to kill a PC. Each ThinkPad can be paired with up to 10 cell phones, and the service works over wireless networks that support the SMS (short message service) standard. A lost or stolen laptop must have a working cellular data card and a paid data plan with a carrier for the remote disable service to work, Cannady said. To reactivate the disabled PC, a user needs to enter the pre-set passcode after the notebook is restarted. The software that enables the service will be available free from Lenovo’s web site. It also will be available on certain ThinkPad notebooks equipped with mobile broadband starting in the first half of 2009…

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