Conn. district explores ubiquitous computing

In the not-so-distant future, the Milford, Conn., schools will have full wireless access, and students will bring their own laptops to school, reports the Connecticut Post. "We do see wireless as the future for our work," said Michael Cummings, assistant superintendent of schools, as he presented the administrators’ plan for the district’s technology use to the Board of Education Nov. 24. "I think we have to get to that point. How do we do it safely–that’s what we’re working on." Students will sign on to the district’s network, and their computers will be scanned to ensure they have updated virus protection before they can access a server that will store academic information, said Mary Zikaras, who handles network, servers, firewalls, and other matters for the district’s IT department. Zikaras said the technology already exists to make that possible, but it’s not cheap. The district is examining how it needs to change its curriculum to incorporate age-appropriate technology in a hands-on way that shows kids what it can do for them, Cummings said. He added that technology in schools shouldn’t be seen as an end in itself, but "a tool to improve learning…"

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