The Johns Hopkins University will become one of the first colleges in the country to use a system of sensors around its campus that will enable police to instantly pinpoint the location of shootings, reports the Baltimore Sun. City police were testing the system Nov. 17 in anticipation of a formal unveiling Nov. 20, with a weapons instructor firing shots into a city dump truck filled with sand at 11 different locations. In a memo notifying students about the shooting exercise, the university said 93 detector boxes have been installed on streetlights and other locations throughout the Homewood and Charles Village communities to "add another layer of protection." The SECURES Gunshot Detection System, developed by a Reston, Va., firm, works by tracking gunshots through sensor technology and alerting the university’s communications center, enabling campus security and Baltimore police to immediately respond. The sensors can track gunfire to within 10 feet of the discharge and reportedly can distinguish gunshots from other city sounds, such as engine backfires and fireworks. "It allows us to respond much faster than if a citizen hears a bang and calls 911," said Maj. Dennis L. Smith of the Northeast District. "If I can respond to a discharging call even 30 seconds faster, maybe I’m that much closer to catching the guy with the gun." SECURES was donated to Hopkins as the company seeks to attract attention from college campuses across the country, Hopkins spokeswoman Tracey Reeves said…

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