Ideal Learning Environment (ILE) classrooms equipped with computers, projectors, and internet access are spreading across the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) campus in a broadband revolution, reports the University News. In a move long awaited by many students and professors, UMKC Information Services (IS) announced it would install another 63 ILE systems by June 2009. This will increase from 79 to 142 the available ILE systems, making 86 percent of UMKC’s 165 classrooms technology-friendly. IS Director Mary Lou Hines-Fritts, vice provost for academic programs, presented the plan at the Faculty Senate meeting Nov. 4 at the Hospital Hill campus. She said past guidelines limited equipment installation to only the larger-capacity, centrally located rooms. Under a new policy, classrooms with a capacity of 15 or more students will now be eligible for the technological makeover, and Hines-Fritts has already met with numerous deans to individuate the priority locations. She said additional regular personnel would be necessary for the new IS workload. "We’re adding two staff to make sure the rooms are working," Hines-Fritts said. "That’s probably not enough, but that’s where we’re going to start and we’ll see how we go forward from that." The standard technology package also includes a DVD/VHS player, USB web camera, and wireless lavalier (lapel) microphone. The average cost for equipping each room will be $8,000, according to Justin Guggenmos, IS project manager for classroom technology…

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