The University of Iowa has capped the number of online students and courses that faculty members can teach after discovering a handful of professors received hefty bonuses for teaching up to three times more classes than their regular loads, reports the Des Moines Register. Demand for online instruction is growing, leaving universities across the country to wrestle with the issue of how to staff the courses and how to pay for the professors who teach them. The change in how U of I professors are paid for online courses was put in effect this fall after the Des Moines Register started to review faculty at Iowa’s three public universities who received bonus pay for taking on additional, or "overload," duties. The Register’s analysis shows that Iowa’s public universities spent a combined $2.72 million on overload pay in 2007-08, with the money coming from a combination of tuition, registration fees and grants. Fourteen U of I professors were paid overload bonuses in excess of 30 percent of their base salaries for the year that ended June 30.??The bonuses, which ranged from $17,000 to $120,000, were paid to professors who taught additional classes beyond the four per school year required by the university…

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