Winnipeg school buses fitted with cameras to nab reckless drivers

Winnipeg drivers might want to think twice before putting their foot to the floor to illegally pass a stopped school bus, reports the Canadian Press: A Winnipeg school board is braving new ground in a bid to stop reckless drivers by turning their buses into mobile traffic cameras. The city’s Seven Oaks school board is installing exterior cameras, which record the license plate, make of the car, and even the hair color of the driver who passes a school bus illegally. Although the board is among the first in Canada to take the step, transportation experts say the cameras will become much more common on the roads as the technology continues to improve and prices fall. Don Remillard, director of transportation with Seven Oaks, said complaints from school bus drivers about cars constantly blowing past stopped school buses while children were getting on or off prompted the board to outfit eight of its 37 buses with digital cameras. The cameras will become standard options on new school buses within the next few years, he said. In the past, bus drivers were asked to write down the license plate numbers of offending drivers. Now, Remillard said, they will have something much more substantial to hand over to police. In the United States, schools in Will County, Ill. (, are among those that have implemented similar programs.

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