eSchool News October 2008

SAFE Schools Update

Highlights from the School Actions for Emergencies

(SAFE) Center at eSN Online.

eSN Special Feature

As school libraries implement new 21st-century learning

standards,many are facing cuts in staffing and resources.

— Meris Stansbury

eSN Curricular Focus

Technology draws a place in schools’ art curriculum.

— Laura Devaney

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1 Candidates reveal wide gap on education

1 Students,publishers spar over eTextbooks

1 District’s gun policy triggers debate

3 Report makes case for 21st-century skills

6 Four-day weeks on the rise in education

8 ‘Mindladder’ suggests the future of assessment

10 New law aims to validate online learning

12 Colleges push back against RIAA’s methods

14 Testing undergoes new-age revolution

16 Comcast sets monthly web-usage cap

18 Virtual environment bolsters reading skills

20 Intel salutes six ‘Schools of Distinction’

22 New research center could give ed tech a boost

24 Researchers mull gaming’s impact on learning

26 Intel unveils third-generation Classmate PC

30 Federal funding helps teach key languages

33 eSN presidential poll: Leadership trumps experience

38 eSN column provokes heated response

…and much, much more


Default Lines

Wake-Up Call.

— Gregg W. Downey

eSN Online Update

New resource centers tackle online learning …and more.

— Nancy David


More news affecting eSchools—quick and to the point.

Stakeholder & Community Relations

How to combat willful ignorance in the ‘Age of Information.’

— Nora Carr

State Tech Perspectives

Florida’s training program results in ‘digital educators.’

— Shannon White

Grants & Funding

Five simple steps to getting started in grant seeking.

Plus,new grant deadlines.

— Deborah Ward

Prime-Time Product Preview

New product information from eSN advertisers.

Tech Buyer’s Marketplace

Buying intelligence from our K-20 Tech Solutions Center.

eSchool Partners

Key organizations that support the eSchool movement

Download eSchool News October 2008 Issue in Adobe (PDF) format.