Just one day after the Federal Communications Commission voted to open up TV white spaces for wireless broadband use, Dell Inc. announced that it will add a new wireless option to future laptops by installing radio chips that provide connectivity over the unused television spectrum, PC World reports. Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Google were among the companies that fought to open up the white spaces, which will provide an additional broadband option for users, especially in rural areas. Proponents say the TV spectrum can carry broadband signals significantly farther than Wi-Fi, and that opening up the spectrum will help expand the market for new smart-phone devices. "We intend to integrate white-space radios into future Dell products," said Neeraj Srivastava, director of technology policy at Dell. The products could include laptops, netbooks, and any other devices that provide wireless network access. He didn’t say when the technology would be added. The radio chips can be small enough to fit in small devices such as smart phones. "From a design perspective, there’s no constraint in the size of the radio," Srivastava said. White spaces continue a "revolution" in unlicensed wireless access that started when the FCC unlicensed the 2.4GHz spectrum in 1995, leading to the development of Wi-Fi networking and wireless devices such as cordless phones…

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