Intel, Asus partner on ‘dream PC’ design site

If you could design your own computer, what features would your dream machine have? That’s what Intel and Asus are hoping to learn from, a web site launched jointly by the two companies Oct. 29 that solicits ideas from consumers, CNET reports–with the goal of producing what they call "the world’s first community-designed PCs." The site divides its focus into three "conversation groups," in which consumers work together to design netbooks, notebooks, and gaming notebooks. "Visitors to the site can share ideas, vote on submitted concepts, and engage in discussions with other community members about the qualities of the ‘dream’ PC," Intel said in a statement. Many of the contributors’ suggestions are fairly mainstream desires for most PC users: more powerful batteries, less shiny screens, and lighter overall weight. Some have specific desires for processors, while others have asked for high-definition screens and 3G connectivity. However, there have been some creative suggestions that some visitors might not have considered. One suggestion asked for a durable notebook that is waterproof, with a "nighttime look to glow in the dark…"

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