New blog helps educators teach writing skills to students

LearningExpress has created a new blog, called The Writing Teacher, for sharing ideas and expertise on helping students become better writers. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, only 33 percent of eighth grade students in the United States are writing at a proficient level. To help change that, The Writing Teacher includes writing input, content, and feedback–all encouraging participation by those who teach writing every day. The blog’s debut article, "Research-Based Best Practices for Teaching Writing: A Discussion with Steve Graham," features advice from a literacy professor at Vanderbilt University. "We are a knowledge-based society. Knowing how to effectively plan, draft, edit, and revise your communications and then self-regulate the whole process are fundamental skills necessary for success in school and the world of work," said Graham. "Too many students progress through school without becoming proficient in these skills. We can do better."