Facebook’s safety chief responds to KIDS Act

Facebook chief privacy officer Chris Kelly has put out a statement on the Keeping the Internet Devoid of Sexual Predators (KIDS) Act, which President Bush signed on Oct. 13. In short: Facebook supports the act and will cooperate with it, CNET reports. "We see KIDS as an important tool to prevent inappropriate outreach from ever occurring," Kelly wrote in a post on the company’s blog about the law, which mandates that registered sex offenders have all internet identifiers, including eMail addresses, on file with the National Sex Offender Registry. "The penalties and consequences for registrants violating KIDS’ provisions are so severe, we hope they’ll deter potential predators from coming online altogether. This is a vital step in protecting children online, and it is by no means the end of our efforts." Kelly continued: "At Facebook, we’ve long barred registered sex offenders from our service. Currently, we work cooperatively with individual states’ attorneys general to check users against state-registered sex offender lists." But, Kelly said, both Facebook and legal authorities "consistently find that these [state] registries lack the essential eMail and IM data for comprehensive and rapid screening. The process is also less efficient and less effective than anyone … would like, which is why we’re such ardent supporters of the KIDS Act Registry."

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