U.S. official says online drug videos threaten teens

The director of the White House war on drugs says internet videos that show people getting high pose a dangerous threat to teenagers by encouraging them to use drugs and alcohol, Reuters reports. John Walters, director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, spoke out Oct. 6 as his office released a study about drug-related videos on popular sites such as MySpace. He said in a Reuters interview that parents need to monitor their teens’ online activities. The study, which was conducted in June, found that 5 percent of teens using the internet saw at least one drug-related video that month. More than a third of the teens were under 16. Walters said the often amateurish videos, posted by internet users on video-sharing pages and social networking sites, play up everything from cocaine use to smoking marijuana with a device called a bong. "Parents would be horrified to think that people are sneaking into their house to encourage their kids to build a bong or to chug on beer at age 13," Walters said. "The fact is, those people are sneaking into your house through your internet connection on your computer…"

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