Thanks to the ease of recording, posting and watching internet video, college recruiters are using the web to find athletics prospects they might otherwise have missed, without leaving their desks, reports the New York Times. A few hundred fans were on hand in Weston, Fla., in 2006 to see April Carson break the Tequesta Trace Middle School record for 3-pointers in a game. But her father posted an internet video of the performance, which has been viewed more than 11,000 times by people who have joined that small crowd in watching April sink seven 3-pointers. Among the expanded audience were representatives of women’s college basketball programs across the country. Baylor, Clemson, Princeton, and Yale have sent recruiting questionnaires and eMail messages to April’s family. Now a 15-year-old high school sophomore, April is among a growing group of young athletes to benefit from the growing influence of internet video on sports. “Originally, I just wanted to make a highlight reel as a keepsake,” said Billy Carson, April’s her father and A.A.U. coach. But after his homemade highlights of April drew a following, Billy Carson changed his approach. He and his daughter sent YouTube links of their videos via eMail messages to college programs. “You have to be aggressive and seek out colleges that you are interested in, especially today,” Billy Carson said. Players, coaches, and athletes have long sent videotapes to recruiters, but online highlights have added ease and immediacy to the process and helped lower the age at which recruiting begins…

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