eSchool News September 2008

eSCHOOL NEWS THIS MONTH — September 2008

eSN Special Feature
Birmingham’s pioneering use of XO computers from the
One Laptop Per Child foundation has educators watching.
— Christine Van Dusen
Education in Focus
In a sign of the times, schools are using digital signage to communicate more effectively on campus.
— Meris Stansbury

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1 Congress tackles campus file sharing
1 FCC enforces ‘net neutrality’with Comcast censure
1 Schools prepare for digital TV switch
3 McCain,Obama float education plans
6 Consumer groups raise noise over wireless mics
8 Patent fight a boon to open LMS software
10 Report:U.S. lags in doubling of science grads
12 Educators struggle with AUP enforcement
12 Technology key to New Orleans schools’revival
14 Microsoft issues new tools for academics
16 New resource helps teach 21st-century skills
18 NSTA provides on-demand training for teachers
20 Copyright fight looms over college textbooks
24 New iPhone apps target education
25 Study: Girls are just as good as boys at math
26 raises ethical concerns
28 ‘Parallel’computing poised to go mainstream
30 eSN announces student video award winners

…and much, much more


Default Lines
The candidates talk tech.
— Gregg W. Downey
eSN Online Update
Get breaking ed-tech news—on your cell phone.
— Dennis Pierce
More news affecting eSchools—quick and to the point.
Security Checkpoint
Free laptop-tracking software now available; b-schools
try palm scans to finger cheats.
Grants & Funding
Grantsmanship is about more than just raising funds.
Plus,new grant deadlines.
— Deborah Ward
New web sites for teaching and leading.
Product Spotlight
New hardware and software of interest to eSchools.
Tech Buyer’s Marketplace
Buying intelligence from our K-20 Tech Solutions Center.
eSchool Partners
Key organizations that support the eSchool movement.

Download eSchool News September 2008 Issue in Adobe (PDF) format.