‘RezEd’ is educators’ real ticket to virtual worlds

For educators who are ready to take on the growing frontier of virtual worlds, a new online hub–RezEd–now exists to make the journey to alternative realities a little easier. Launched in beta format in mid-March, RezEd is a comprehensive virtual-world resource for educators, students, and those simply interested in learning what these increasingly popular worlds are all about. Developed by the nonprofit organization Global Kids through a grant from the MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning initiative, the site brings attention to all aspects of learning across virtual worlds through resources such as weekly best practices, moderated discussions, and twice-monthly podcast interviews with students, educators, and experts in the field. Visitors to RezEd can learn about several virtual places and topics, such as Second Life, K-8 virtual worlds, virtual gaming in education, research on the sociology and ethics of virtual worlds, and more. RezEd "is a community that makes accessible and practical the type of research being done by many and connects them with practitioners in the field to inform their work," said Barry Joseph, director of the Online Leadership Program for Global Kids.