SchoolDude is the nation’s #1 provider of on-demand software designed exclusively for the unique needs of educational support services professionals. With 10,000 management applications in use by more than 3,600 clients, SchoolDude is helping school professionals save time and money while better serving their 15 million students.
Our comprehensive suite of integrated solutions serves your entire organization – including the IT, facility, business, energy and transportation departments – leveraging IT costs and training across the district while also maximizing efficiency, productivity and budgets.
SchoolDude’s IT operations management solutions include: ITAMDirect (hardware and software asset management), ITDirect (help desk management) and ITWireless (wireless incident management).
Our IT suite meets the specialized needs of your department and organization by:

  • Automating networked asset data collection
  • Identifying missing assets
  • Saving up to 25% on license renewals through tracking and compliance
  • Supporting long-term planning and life cycle costing
  • Improving productivity and efficiency by reducing data entry and phone calls for incidents
  • Reducing incident requests 20-30% through request troubleshooting and self-help knowledge base
  • Increasing productivity 15-20%
  • Saving the IT staff approximately 30 minutes per incident annually

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