Just two months after the Washington County, Va., school board approved a policy preventing students’ full names from appearing with their photographs online, the issue is on the agenda again for Oct. 6, as one county resident says parents–not the school board–should decide whether their children’s names appear, reports the Bristol Herald Courier. The school system maintains that online photos with names could subject children to internet predators. But "I worry more about the public school system taking away the rights of the parents," said Vernon Smith, whose sons graduated several years ago from county schools and whose grandchildren are now reaching school age. Smith says he has been fighting for years to get the policy changed, adding: "If they take away this right, what’s next?" Smith said he first became concerned about the issue when one of his sons, who excelled in the band at John Battle High School, could not have his name posted on the school web site because of the policy. He says school web sites also serve as an opportunity for the community, as well as relatives who live at a distance, to give kids well-deserved recognition for their accomplishments…

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