It might not knock the iPhone off its throne, but the new Google-powered T-Mobile G1 could finally give the reigning "smart phone" some much-needed competition, ABC News reports. At a news conference Sept. 23, T-Mobile and Google executives unveiled the highly-anticipated phone and revealed that the HTC-manufactured G1 will go on sale on Oct. 22 for $179–$20 less than the Apple favorite. Die-hard iPhone fans might think that the G1 isn’t as elegant or slick as their beloved smart phone. But, the G1’s full-size keyboard and user-friendly interface could attract those who haven’t yet embraced handheld computers. In size and shape, a closed G1 resembles a slightly chubby iPhone. But Google and T-Mobile say it isn’t the phone’s exterior that will give the phone an edge: It’s the operating system underneath. The G1 is the first phone powered by Android, Google’s open-source mobile phone software platform that gives innovative third-party developers the opportunity to create new applications…

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