Finnish school shooting prompts web monitoring rethink

A deadly shooting at a Finnish school on Sept. 23 has raised questions over tougher gun laws and better policing of the internet after news the gunman posted menacing videos of himself on the web before killing 10 people, Reuters reports. Student Matti Juhani Saari, 22, also killed himself in the incident, which closely resembled a 2007 massacre at another Finnish school in which that gunman also published messages on the video sharing web site YouTube. Police were alerted to videos posted by Saari and even questioned him on Sept. 22, a day before the attack. He was not detained because the videos "did not threaten anyone" directly, said Finland’s police chief–highlighting the difficulty in judging the risk posed by online postings. Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen said authorities need to look into what could be done to better protect citizens, including possible changes in internet monitoring and tougher gun laws. Finnish President Tarja Halonen told broadcaster YLE: "The internet and YouTube forums … are not another planet. This is part of our world, and we adults have the responsibility to check what is happening and create borders and safety there." Several videos posted on YouTube by Saari over the past month showed a dark-clad man firing a handgun at a shooting range. The videos were removed by YouTube shortly after the killings.
One video on a different web site showed what appeared to be the same man saying directly into the lens: "You will die next," before firing off shots toward a camera on the ground…

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