eSN recruits student broadcasters

Student broadcasters across the nation are getting a chance to be seen and heard by several thousands of education stakeholders, thanks to a new video news network created by eSchool News.

As students gear up for the new school year and learn how to use sophisticated video production equipment, they’ll also be reporting breaking ed-tech news through eSchool News’ new Student Video Network (SVN).

"This is a wonderful opportunity for all involved," said Gregg Downey, publisher of eSchool News, "but especially for the students. They’ll get a real-world taste of fast-pace reporting, managing deadlines, and shooting for a wide audience. Most importantly, their work will receive national exposure."

Every week, students interested in video production, and schools interested in highlighting their students’ talents, will receive information from eSchool News on the most popular, and relevant, ed-tech stories. From there, the participating schools’ production teams will shoot a script based on those stories and use their creative judgment in integrating graphics and photography into the news report.

Each video will be approximately 2-3 minutes and will revolve around weekly news as reported by eSchool News.

"This is a real-world application of the technology skills they’re learning in school," said Tom Lapping, president and CEO of JDL Horizons–the company hosting eSN’s Student Video Network. "It will be good for school exposure, but also for students who could use this material as part of their college admissions or eventual job application."

For more information on how to get involved, please contact Gregg Downey at eSchool News.