New web site sheds light on a top career choice for young women

Research indicates that low enrollment rates of young women choosing engineering as their major have led to dwindling numbers of women entering the profession, suggesting that high school girls don’t perceive engineering as relevant to their educational or professional goals. Now, a new national campaign–called "Engineer Your Life"–intends to change that. Spearheaded by members of the engineering community and Boston-based public television station WGBH, the program is built around three key messages–creativity has its rewards, make a world of difference, and explore the possibilities–that aim to change the perceptions high school girls have about engineering. Its interactive web site includes profiles of 12 young female engineers whose choices embody the campaign’s key messages. Their stories depict engineering as an option for young women who are interested in careers that make a difference in the world while being flexible, fun, and creative–and as a goal that is desirable and within their reach.