Parents can check school bus safety records online

New Jersey parents who want to learn how safe the school buses are that transport their children need only click their mouse, reports the Daily Record of Bergen County, N.J. About 70 percent of the 23,000 school buses in the state fail their initial inspection. The good news for parents is that 40 percent of those buses, which flunk for serious safety items, are immediately taken out of service by the state Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC), said spokeswoman Cathleen Lewis. Buses are inspected twice a year for 180 items, ranging from brakes to having band-aids in the first aid kit. The remaining 30 percent of buses that fail inspection are rejected for minor items, receive 30-day failure stickers, and can be used to transport students at the discretion of the school or bus company. They must be reinspected in that 30-day period. Parents can review bus inspection records for their local school district or bus company on the MVC’s web site, she said.
"We want to make sure that when school starts, everyone is traveling in a safe vehicle," Lewis said…

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