A group of media industry companies says it is planning to build a digital world where video devices and content web sites play together in perfect harmony, and consumers can safely store their digital content and access it anywhere in the world, Reuters reports. The consortium of Hollywood studios, retailers, service providers, and consumer electronics and information technology companies, called the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem, or DECE, is working on a "uniform digital media experience" but won’t announce details until the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The consortium said it will call for interoperability of devices and web sites, as well as usage rules that allow consumers to copy content onto household playback devices and to burn their content to physical media, DECE President Mitch Singer said. The plan also would give customers a "rights locker," or virtual library where consumers’ digital video purchases would be stored for retrieval in a manner similar to accessing an eMail account, Singer said. The consortium plans to design a logo that will be placed on products and web sites to let consumers know that those products and services are compatible with DECE standards. The consortium aims to recapture in the digital universe the sense of comfort and simplicity of use that consumers found with DVDs, said Mark Coblitz, senior vice president of strategic planning for Comcast Corp. …

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