Companies are yearning for people who think green–and not just because it’s the color of money, reports the Boston Globe: Universities in Boston and around the country are creating "green" master’s in business administration and other graduate degree programs aimed at training business leaders to think about maximizing energy efficiency and improving workers’ conditions in addition to raising the bottom line. Harvard, Brandeis, and Boston universities are among the schools that are offering these business school programs. "Every major business that I know of is thinking about issues broadly conceived of as social responsibility," said Benjamin Gomes-Casseres, an international business professor and the director of the MBA program at Brandeis International Business School in Waltham. "This is a really hot area for Massachusetts now: clean energy and clean technology." The new programs come at a time when the demand for green-collar jobs nationally and around the state is on the rise. Last month, state legislators passed a cluster of green measures, including the Green Jobs Act, which sets aside $68 million for a Clean Energy Technology Center to promote the development of and training for jobs in clean-energy fields. In June, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino set aside $250,000 to help people train for green jobs in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and resource conservation…

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