Teachers turn to internet to raise funds for classroom

When James Cryan looks at his collection of books, he sees a need. But his school cannot afford to buy more supplies, so he sought help from others: He used a nonprofit Web site called www.donorschoose.org, reports Colorado’s 9News.com.
"I think it’s a great way for people who kind of want to support education, especially in their own communities," said Cryan, a literacy teacher at Rishel Middle School. "But, they don’t know quite how… to do that." The donorschoose.org web page was started by teachers in New York who grew tired of paying for supplies out of their own pockets, according to Kris Murray, deputy director of donorschoose.org. "Across the country, a billion dollars is spent from teachers’ personal budgets every year," said Murray. "And, they’re not buying fluff. They’re buying basics that their students need." Teachers like Cryan can list specific material needs for the classroom on the web site. Anyone can log on from anywhere and pick a need at any particular school to help out. Donors can give as little as a $1 to their local schools or fund needs at other schools around the country. Cryan listed a request of $300 worth of books earlier this year. "I wasn’t quite sure what would happen," said Cryan. "I was shocked in a couple of weeks; a number of people had decided to support it."

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