Sweden and the Netherlands have the best-performing broadband internet connections in Europe, helped by investments in high-speed fiber-optic links and upgrades to cable TV networks, while Japan is the global leader by a large margin, Reuters reports. At least, that’s according to a study released Sept. 12 by the Universities of Oxford and Oviedo and sponsored by network gear maker Cisco Systems Inc. The study, which is sure to spark debate in the United States (which ranked 16th), is based on measurements from Speedtest.net, which helps consumers test their broadband connections. A total of 8 million tests were gathered in May, and the study’s authors combined data for upload and download speed as well as latency–the time it takes for a data packet to travel from source to destination–into a "broadband quality score." When drawing up the ranking, the study did not take into account how widespread broadband use is and how much it costs…

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