Some Windsor High School parents say they might sue the Windsor, Colo., School District and the Cheyenne, Wyo., Police Department over controversial remarks made by a Cheyenne police officer during a lecture at the school about internet safety, reports the Denver Post. Students who attended the presentation on the first day of school said Officer John Gay called some students’ MySpace pages "slutty" and said they would be grist for sexual predators. One student–whose MySpace page was pulled up for public view by Gay–left the assembly in tears, say students who witnessed the presentation. The MySpace page for Gillian C.’s daughter was also put on display by Gay, which humiliated the girl. "Never once have we [parents] questioned the message of what Gay was saying," Gillian C. said. She asked that her full name not be used, fearing retaliation against her daughter. "We’re questioning why minor children were put in public situations and called vile and disgusting names in front of everyone at the school," she said. Gay has denied he sought to publicly humiliate students. He said he was trying to show them how easily an Internet predator could gain access to a student’s private information through websites like MySpace and Facebook…

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